Using apps to help you study
Are there good apps that help with homework?

There are many things we do on our own, relying only on our skills and abilities. Sometimes we succeed without any support from others; sometimes we ask for help, trying to complete different tasks at the same time. Gladly, it’s 2023 already, and there are lots of online services around that provide immediate help for students from all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer, and which of them are better than the rest.

Defining the Trouble

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When you do your homework there is always something that becomes a burden and makes everything more challenging than it really is. These things aren’t really obvious, but getting rid of them always means more efficient work. 

In simple words, when you do your homework without proper planning, you waste more time than you should. Another example: you get a task that requires you to be creative, and try to use the dictionaries and old PC apps to make everything look good, when just a couple of good online services would do the trick in no time.

This is why we made this friendly guide — to show you how many online study tools there are that are ready to help you out. They can help you with note-taking, staying focused, and also with making your work both more productive and time efficient. You cannot find a one-size-fits-all solution but there are lots of good things to soften your studies.

6 Best Study Tools for College Students to Get Every Homework Done with Ease

Best online study tools
Finding cool websites for college students…

It is very easy to forget due dates, lose focus when you need all your mental strength concentrated on doing your homework, and even forget what you were supposed to learn when you’re young and have lots of more significant things in your life.

But we live in the digital age, and all the nice technology we have can also help us on track without any troubles at all. So, let’s check what kinds of productivity apps for students there are online, then. Only the best online learning tools for college students ahead, buckle up.

Remembering what’s important

If you keep forgetting due dates for assignments or tests again and again, there are study tools online that can help you easily keep track of all deadlines and other important information by creating checklists or task lists that can be shared with your teachers or classmates. These best apps for learning also have calendar features that allow you to visualize upcoming tasks in a very user-friendly way.


Trello is an incredibly user-friendly task list tool that helps organize tasks into boards instead of long lists or spreadsheets. It is great for tracking progress on individual projects as well as encouraging collaboration between multiple users on a team project.

One great way Trello helps with homework is its ability to organize tasks into columns based on the status of each task. This makes it easy to visualize what needs to be done and how much work still needs your attention. 

You can also add due dates for each task so you know when to complete it. Additionally, Trello allows users to assign tasks directly from within the app, making it easy for group projects or larger assignments where collaboration is needed. 


Wunderlist is an online app that makes it easy to keep track of your homework and to-do lists. It allows you to create individual tasks, set priority levels, and assign due dates. You can also share tasks with other users and add comments for additional detail. It also features reminders so you do not forget about important tasks.

The app also provides helpful features for completing work efficiently. For example, it offers drag-and-drop organization which allows you to easily move tasks around the list without having to manually input them again. 

It also has a built-in calendar view that helps you easily visualize what needs to get done and when. Finally, Wunderlist has an integrated search function that lets you quickly find any task or item in the list without having to scroll through the entire thing. 

Staying focused

If you feel you are losing focus while doing your homework, the best studying apps like Forest and FocalFilter can help with this by blocking out distractions such as social media notifications or the urge to watch videos on Youtube. These good studying apps even provide rewards for staying focused and building discipline in the long run.


Forest online app helps students to do their homework in a more efficient and productive way. It offers a range of features that make the process of completing assignments easier and faster. For example, Forest provides an interactive platform where students can easily access course materials, get help from tutors, collaborate with peers, and track their progress.

Forest allows students to set goals and deadlines for their homework, receive notifications when tasks are due, and get reminders when they need to work on certain tasks. This best homework app also promotes organization by enabling users to create folders for different classes and subjects that they are taking and move files between them.

Furthermore, it has a built-in spell checker that helps prevent typos in assignments so that the student can submit without worrying about errors. Finally, it includes features such as cloud storage so that students can access their documents on any device.


FocalFilter is an online app that helps students to do their homework more effectively. It provides a suite of online tools for students to help break down tasks, prioritize work, and stay organized and focused. It also offers a distraction-free environment for studying, with features like blocking social media sites.

One of the most helpful features of FocalFilter is its ability to break down assignments into smaller chunks. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a huge project, students can take it one step at a time, focusing only on the task at hand. This feature also allows them to properly pace themselves, which reduces procrastination and helps them get the job done faster. 

FocalFilter also has a very neat built-in timer system: thanks to this feature users can set different time parameters for their tasks to maximize overall productivity, spending less time on distractions. This allows students to learn the rules of good time management, keep focused on every task, and avoid wasting valuable time on social media or any other work-unrelated activities.

Taking notes

That is a very important thing when it comes to completing your homework efficiently. There are, of course, a couple of trusty digital tools for students online that will be helpful to anyone in need. Let’s see which college apps for students can provide assistance with that.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an online app offered by Google, which allows users to take notes. The app is incredibly easy to use and enables users to quickly jot down ideas and organize them into separate lists. It is also possible to add labels and color-code notes, helping keep track of different tasks and making it easier for users to find the information they need.

Google Keep also allows users to set reminders for certain notes, ensuring they do not forget important tasks related to their homework. Additionally, the app integrates with Google Docs, enabling users to easily copy text from a note in Google Keep into a document for further editing or reference purposes. 

Furthermore, all data stored on Google Keep is automatically synced across devices, allowing people to access their notes wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. This feature makes it easy for students who are on the go or using multiple devices at once. Ultimately, this intuitive online application makes taking notes an enjoyable process that helps students stay organized and get their homework done quickly without losing interest.


The OneNote online app is an incredibly useful study tool for students when it comes to taking notes and completing their homework. It allows users to easily create organized notes, handle tasks, and access them from any device. With the help of this app, students can quickly brainstorm ideas and organize their notes into categories that can be used more effectively. Furthermore, features such as voice-to-text dictation make it easy to take notes quickly and accurately. 

OneNote also offers several other features that are invaluable in helping students get their homework done faster and better. For instance, users can search through their notes using keywords, making it easier to find relevant information quickly. 

Moreover, they can insert images or videos directly into their notes for a deeper understanding of the material they are studying. Students can also collaborate on projects and share notes with one another in real-time, allowing for efficient group work. 

Overall, OneNote’s online app provides an array of neat student tools that allow you to do your homework very well. By streamlining note-taking processes and providing helpful features like keyword search and image/video insertion, it makes productive studying more enjoyable while still ensuring that all tasks are completed properly.

On a Final Note

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No matter how difficult the subject may be, homework is that special kind of task that requires a lot of attention, knowledge, and, sadly, time. But if the second requirement depends completely on our own minds and tempers, being attentive and saving precious hours on doing such a job is what essential apps for college students can really help with.

If you are a person that gets distracted all the time you need to get better at self-control. But that’s kind of a difficult and time-consuming thing to do, so, as you learn to concentrate on your work, a few reliable productivity tools for students will surely help you out. They will block the unnecessary content and will remind you to get back to your duty if you get distracted for too long.

If you have too many different tasks to do, and just can’t think of everything at the same time, there are good learning tools for students that will sort your objectives with ease. They will also remind you of what you have to do exactly when you need it, thus making your whole work more efficient.

It is also a really handy thing to use notes when doing your homework since it helps to track what is already done, what is to be done next, and what is actually less significant. Important studying tools aren’t that complicated, so you just should learn more about them.

We hope our humble guide will help you to spend less time doing your homework, and get only the best results. The homework help apps we told you about are known for their reliability all around the world. Check out our other articles to find more about useful stuff online. There are a lot of nice things to discover!